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Southwest Michigan First was created for one singular purpose: To assist companies in growing jobs. We believe a job makes a positive impact for generations to come. Our community’s future depends on our local companies’ ability to grow, be competitive and change with the times.

Our experience in working with companies of all sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to eight-person tool-and-die shops to bioscience R&D labs to large business service centers – has proven invaluable time and time again. Our commitment is to growing companies, just like yours, because we believe you are the future.

We focus our activities on services and collaborations that promote Business Growth:

Business-to-Business Marketing

Maximize your potential by taking advantage of our resources that can grow your business.

Supply Chain Recruitment

It has never been more important to build relationships with potential suppliers, partners or collaborators. We can help you gain access to the people and companies that can build your business.

Workforce Development

Preparing the workforce of the future is a top priority of all organizations. Through skill gap analyses, leadership development and educational partnerships, we can work with you to your team for greatness.

Capital Acquisition

Gaining access to capital – whether traditional, equity, angel, microloan or government funding – can be daunting. Our relationships and guidance can help you get the resources you need to succeed.

Site Selection

Whether you need a site to build a new facility or a short-term solution, we can help you analyze all of your choices and maximize your investment. For start-up companies, incubators and virtual spaces are considerations too.

Consulting Services

Our networks can help you complement your existing staff. Our expertise and relationships with service providers with proven track records can bring you success in the areas of talent, legal, business strategy, tech transfer, marketing, sales and technology validation.

Brand Development

Your brand represents who you are and how you make your customers feel. Let us help you build your brand to bring your story and our region’s to the global market.

Efficient Government

We encourage collaboration to increase the positive impact of government on jobs creation.