• Inner Top Sky

What We Do

We help companies grow their business and maximize talent to keep the economy strong.

While global economic challenges and their required strategies change with the times, our work as an economic catalyst remains focused on making positive change happen by creating jobs for all citizens in Southwest Michigan. Our work leads us across industry lines; we’re comfortable in private, public, government, education and nonprofit sectors.

We partner with our clients to accelerate their organizations at their point of need. From new building acquisitions and supplier connections to custom coaching, our tailored solutions transform companies from good to best in class.

Our team is ready to turn your goals into reality with our keen business expertise and local insight.

Here are ways we go about our work:

  • Grow: We pursue existing industry growth and the development of small businesses to keep our region globally competitive and improve the quality of life for all residents.
  • Attract: We seek to diversify the economy by sharing the advantages of how a Southwest Michigan site is the optimal place for your next strategic location.
  • Inspire: We host tailored leadership programming focused on developing local talent, building a unified community and encouraging long-lasting relationships.
  • Educate: We connect with our clients and partners by sharing exciting regional news, key economic data, networking opportunities and cutting-edge initiatives.
  • Innovate: We bring together local creators and innovators to inspire, educate and share great ideas so that our region remains on the forefront of research and development.
  • Accelerate: We offer custom coaching and consulting services to companies looking for assistance with economic incentives, access to capital, leadership principles and more.
  • Connect: We create opportunities for our clients and partners to collaborate and form unique and meaningful relationships with diverse business and community leaders.
  • Empower: We provide educational resources and tools so the community we serve can become increasingly informed on local, regional and state policies affecting economic growth.