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The Southwest Michigan Region is full of strengths: dynamic companies, a vibrant workforce and a rich set of private, government and philanthropic organizations. As a seven-county region including Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph and Van Buren counties, the region’s approach to economic development is bold and collaborative. Partners cohesively work together to leverage the region’s world-class research and academic institutions, historical legacy of innovation and diverse and inclusive culture.

Let’s talk about the St. Joseph County economy: It is driven by not only the Fortune 1000 companies headquartered or physically present like Abbott Laboratories and American Axle & Manufacturing, but also by the multitude of companies working in the the county’s primary industry sectors. The depth of companies working in the manufacturing, health sciences, agriculture and food processing, business services and logistics sectors have made the county well-known for its the strength of its workforce and excellence of products produced.

Strategically located exactly halfway between Chicago and Detroit along the I-94 corridor, St. Joseph County has all the advantages of big city living but with an affordable cost of living and a fraction of the traffic. Plus, after work and on the weekends, there are some serious perks: You can get to the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan from anywhere in the region in less than an hours, grab dinner from a local farmer’s market or play a round of golf on one of many beautiful courses! It’s safe to say there’s a bucket list of things waiting for you to do—all within a short drive.

St. Joseph County in Southwest Michigan is within a 600-mile radius of:

  • 54% of the nation’s manufacturing
  • 48% of all retail sales
  • 54% of the nation’s business payroll
  • 65% of Canada’s GNP

In addition, more than 78% of the United States population can be reached from the region within two days by truck and more than 100 million people live within overnight delivery capability.

The almost 800,000 people living and working in the region eagerly wait to welcome you!