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Marilyn Schlack, Ph.D.

Marilyn Schlack, Ph.D.president
Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Dr. Marilyn Schlack has been president of Kalamazoo Valley Community College since October 1982. Prior to her presidency, she served as dean of instruction and associate dean of instruction at the institution. She received her doctor of education degree from Western Michigan University and her bachelor of arts degree from the University of Michigan.

Over the years, Marilyn has served on many local, state and national professional and community organizations. In addition to serving as vice chair of Southwest Michigan First, some of her current and former local affiliations include the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Board of Directors, Old Kent Financial Corporation Board of Directors, Downtown Tomorrow, Inc., and the Business Development Bureau. She has also served as chairman of the Kalamazoo County Chamber of Commerce.

Nationally, she has served on the American Council on Education’s International Education Commission, the American Association of Community Colleges Board of Directors and the Commission for a Nation of Lifelong Learners.