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Southwest Michigan First is an organization of privately funded economic development advisors who act as the catalyst for economic success in Southwest Michigan. Founded in 1999 on the principle that the most powerful force for change is a well-paying job, the organization works across all industries throughout the seven counties making up the Southwest Michigan Region.

Southwest Michigan First’s unique model of philanthropy and capitalism is internationally recognized from Melbourne to Vancouver for its innovation in economic development. Looking to expand, locate or start something new? Southwest Michigan First’s people and services are focused on connecting community capital to respond to its customers’ needs, wants and desires to generate meaningful results.

Community driven, Southwest Michigan First is committed to company growth, government and education alignment, acceleration of its vibrant core communities, talent development and communication of its regional advantages.

To learn more about what we can do for you, please contact us at 269.553.9588.

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Southwest Michigan First has received international recognition for its work as an economic catalyst.

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