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2016 Quarter 3

Precision Wire Forms

Design-Based Manufacturing

  • 16 new jobs
  • $2,800,000 invested

Precision Wire Forms, an industry leading manufacturer of wire forms, tube forms and assemblies, is investing in new equipment to enhance its current capabilities in Three Rivers.

American Axle & Manufacturing


  • 0 new jobs
  • $339,500 invested

American Axle Manufacturing in Three Rivers was awarded $339,500 in grant funding from the Skilled Trades Training Fund to train 300 team members.

2016 Quarter 2

Iceberg Enterprises

Design-Based Manufacturing

  • 12 new jobs
  • $1,100,000 invested

Formerly known as Penguin, LLC, Iceberg Enterprises will invest in the expansion of its manufacturing operations in Sturgis, creating an additional 162,000 square feet of condo space.

Metal Technologies

Design-Based Manufacturing

  • 10 new jobs
  • $861,500 invested

Premier metal caster Metal Technologies is investing in 10,000 square feet to accommodate a loading dock and additional manufacturing space in Three Rivers.

Clark Logic


  • 8 new jobs
  • $1,000,000 invested

After receiving funding approval from the St. Joseph County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Clark Logic has announced that it will purchase a logistics business in White Pigeon to complement its operations.

Boland Tire Company


  • 0 new jobs
  • $50,000 invested

With assessment funding from the St. Joseph County Brownfield Authority, Boland Tire Company announced its investment in the purchase of a vacant former car dealership in Three Rivers.

2016 Quarter 1

Forest River Manufacturing

Design-Based Manufacturing

  • 396 new jobs
  • $7,000,000 invested

Creating nearly 400 new jobs, Forest River Manufacturing is bringing its recreational vehicle product manufacturing to White Pigeon. The company will fill 300,000-square-feet, spread across three buildings.

Penguin, LLC

Design-Based Manufacturing

  • 25 new jobs
  • Investment Unknown

Custom manufacturer Penguin, LLC is hiring 25 new employees with the help of a $6,300 award from the state’s Skilled Trades Training Fund.

Freeman Manufacturing Company

Design-Based Manufacturing

  • 10 new jobs
  • $400,000 invested

Freeman Manufacturing Company will create 10 new jobs in Sturgis as new owners of the medical orthotics/prosthetics manufacturer endeavor to recreate the company. This project will bring back some jobs previously outsourced to Puerto Rico.

PKG, Inc.


  • 10 jobs retained
  • $350,000 invested

Tax exemption has been approved for PKG, Inc. in order to move the company forward with construction of a new commercial building at its existing location for expansion and to house 2 to 3 other tenants.

Morgan Olson

Design-Based Manufacturing

  • 7 new jobs
  • Investment Unknown

A second expansion effort with Morgan Olson resulted in the company leasing space in Sturgis to house new engineering and technician jobs.

Clark Logic


  • 6 new jobs
  • $1,800,000 invested

Clark Logic, a transportation, logistics and warehousing company, has purchased a 258,000-square-foot building in Sturgis and utilized St. Joseph County’s Brownfield grants. This project created 6 new jobs.

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